Multimodal Biometrics Dataset

  1. Thermal Images and Corresponding Face Images

    Thermal images for faces along with the corresponding RGB images for each thermal image. The dataset contains the thermal and the corresponding RGB facial images of 125 individuals. The number of thermal images along with their corresponding RGB images of each individual is atleast 20. The total number 1of thermal images is 2500 (≳) and their corresponding RGB images is 2500 (≳).
    Sensor used - FLIR E40

    Finger Print

    This dataset contains five fingerprint impressions of each finger (left and right hands) of 105 individuals. The total number of fingerprint impressions from both hands (left and right) of 105 individual is 5250.

    Iris Images

    This dataset contains atleast 5 iris scan images of each left and right eyes from 125 individuals. The total number of iris images (left and right eyes) from 125 individuals is 1250.
    Sensor used - 3M COGENT IRIS SCANNER CIS202

    Facial Videos

    This dataset contains 625 facial videos from 125 individuals. Total number of videos covering the face and torso of each individual is 5. Each video has been captured at a resolution of (1280 x 720) at 30 fps and the duration of each video ranges from 40 to 60 seconds.
    Sensor used - LOGITECH WEBCAM HD720p


    This dataset contains the signatures of 125 individuals. Forty (40) signatures of each individual have been taken in both offline and online mode. In offline mode the signatures have been taken on paper with pen and in online mode signature-pad has been used to capture the signatures. The signatures for 105 individuals is available in both offline and online mode. For the rest 20 individuals, signatures have been captured in offline mode only.