5th One-Week Self-Sponsored Short Term Course


Advances in Deep Architectures
for Signal, Image & Vision Applications (ADASIVA)

08th - 13th August, 2022
at IIIT Allahabad

* This short term course will be in online mode.

Some of the sessions will be common with the CVMI 2022

About Short Term Course & Summer School

Deep architectures are playing the most important role in the area of machine learning and are considered as the future technology and anticipated a complete paradigm shift in the area of artificial intelligence by the researchers. It is considered to be one of the most active areas of research in signal, image, vision and biometrics and comprises of supervised and unsupervised models of approach for detection/ recognition/ classification/ synthesization of objects.

With the advent of extraordinary computation power and huge data sets, it is possible to model the most complex processes using deep architectures. With the advent of Deep learning architectures, almost all areas of signal processing have undergone significant changes in their approach. This is primarily because machine learning is at the forefront of solving many problems in computer signal, image, vision and biometrics which were thought to be either unsolvable or highly computationally intensive in the past. One of the key ideas which have facilitated this is the introduction of deep architectures, which form the basis of present day pattern based recognition problems.

The proposed one-week course will be comprising of approximately 24-32 Hrs of sessions, including the hands on demonstration. This short-term course will be useful for the PG and PhD Students and the Young Professionals working in the recent state of the art methods in AI/ ML/DL for a variety of applications of Signal & Image Processing, Computer Vision and Biometrics and pertains to how all of the approaches can be applied to research problems in real life. The course also covers essentials of machine learning, deep neural networks as well as the other models how they can be applied to solve practical problems in signal processing, image processing and computer vision. The recent trends, such as Adversarial Learning and Transformer networks will be also covered.

  1. Building awareness towards deep learning architectures.
  2. Building the technical capacity in the area of Signal, Image, and Vision Processing via deep architectures.
  3. Building communities of research students, educator, R&D, and Industry persons in this emerging area of research and development.
  4. Providing hands-on tutorial sessions, where the participants can experiment with concepts and methods
Areas to be Covered
  1. Advances in Deep Architectures
  2. Applications to Signal, Image and Video Processing
  3. Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics in Deep Learning
  4. Adversarial Learning
  5. Transformers - A new wave in Deep Learning
  6. Other Issues and Applications of Deep Learning

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The Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad (IIIT-A) was established in 1999, as a centre of excellence in Information Technology and allied areas. The institute was conferred the “Deemed University” status by Govt. of India in the year 2000. Later in 2014 it has been declared as an Institute of National Importance by the Act of the Parliament, Govt. of India. The Institute has been conceived with the ambitious objectives of developing professional expertise and skilled manpower in Information Technology (IT) and allied. As an apex nucleating institute in the area of IT, the establishment of IIIT-A, is a major step of Govt. of India towards strengthening the indigenous capability necessary for exploiting profitably and harnessing multi-dimensional facets of IT at all levels, and attaining expertise to enable the country to emerge as a leading player in the global arena.


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