Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad

Computer Vision and Biometrics Lab (CVBL)

Image and Video Processing

July-Dec 2023 Semester (MTech)

Course Information

Course Description: This course provides the basic understanding of the digital image formation and visualization, the visualization of relationships between spatial and frequency, the understanding of mapping the signal processing techniques to the digital image, an idea of multimedia data (image, video), and an exposure to various image and video compression standards.

Course Outline (Topics): The following list of topics is tentative. Based on available time slots, some topics may be dropped or added or reordered.

Unit 1: Digital Image Fundamentals- Simple image model, digital image formation, sampling, quantization, resolutions and representation, relationship among pixels, types of digital images. Color Image Processing: Color Representation, Chromaticity Diagram and Color Spaces, types of digital imaging and application areas. Enhancement- Point Processing: Contrast Stretching, Power-law and Gamma Transformation. Histogram Processing: Histogram Equalization and Matching.

Unit 2: Filtering and Restoration- Degradation function and Noise Models, Spatial Domain Filtering: Correlation and Convolution, Smoothing Linear and Nonlinear Filters: Mean and Median Filters, Adaptive Filtering, Sharpening Linear and Nonlinear Filters: Derivative, Laplacian, Unsharp Masking, High-boost Filtering. Frequency Domain Filtering: Filtering: Low-pass (Smoothing) and High-Pass (Sharpening), Ideal, Butterworth and Gaussian Filtering, Unsharp Masking and High-Boost Filtering, Homomorphic Filtering, Periodic Noise Reduction and Inverse Filtering and Wiener Filtering.

Unit 3: Edges, Lines and Boundary Detection- First and Second Order Edge Operators, Multi-scale Edge Detection, Canny Edge Detection Algorithm, Hough Transform: Line and Edge Detection, Morphological Operations and Application: Boundary, Skelton, Convex-Hull, Thinning, Pruning etc. Segmentation and Feature Extraction: Model-based and probabilistic methods and Image Classification Optimal and Multilevel Thresholding, Gray Image Segmentation, Watershed Algorithm.

Unit 4: Compression: Lossy and Lossless compression techniques, JPEG, JPEG2000 and Variants, Introduction to video processing, Compression standards and formats (MPEG and H.XXX), Video Streaming.


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